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Launched in 2010 and coordinated by the University of Bordeaux (Institut du Vin et de la Vigne - ISVV), the ŒNOVITI INTERNATIONAL network is the first international research and training network in oenology and viticulture. It currently has over 60 partners (universities, research centres, industry) in 23 different countries.

The network

Created on the initiative of Professor Pierre-Louis TEISSEDRE (University of Bordeaux, ISVV), the ŒNOVITI INTERNATIONAL network forms an international consortium of institutions recognised for their excellence in terms of training and research in oenology and viticulture.

At the origin of this network, the ŒNODOC joint doctorate programme was created with the aim of developing an international doctorate, specific to the oenology-viticulture sector. This international collaboration has since expanded to form ŒNOVITI INTERNATIONAL.

Pierre-Louis Teissedre

Pierre-Louis TEISSEDRE, University of Bordeaux (ISVV), professor of oenology

The creation of the OENOVITI INTERNATIONAL network and the OENODOC programme enable the academic and industrial worlds to work together on research challenges in oenology and viticulture. The creation of joint projects between partners on a wide range of topics is encouraged, as is student mobility. A number of doctoral students are benefiting from the skills available in the laboratories of the universities and industries in the network. I am delighted to be able to contribute to this initiative for the Bordeaux region.



The 10 working groups

  1. Extended oenology 
  2. Extended viticulture
  3. Climate change 
  4. Transfert 
  5. Wine management and tourism
  6. International and strategic funding
  7. Wine and health
  8. Digitalization and robotization
  9. Talents and carriers: young researchers
  10. Fundraising Sponsors and Patronage


The main aim of the ŒNOVITI INTERNATIONAL network is to encourage exchanges of know-how and expertise between players in the world of wine, academia and industry, and to increase opportunities for joint training and research projects, as well as opportunities for exchanges (meetings, events, etc.). The network now brings together the leading international research institutions in oenology and viticulture, giving its members a high profile on the international stage.


Dr. Álvaro S. GONZALEZ

Dr. Álvaro S. GONZALEZ, Head of Research and Development at the Centre for Research and Innovation, Viña Concha y Toro (Chili)

The vision of the Viña Concha y Toro Research and Innovation Centre is clear: to promote applied research, technological development and knowledge transfer, covering the global challenges and opportunities presented by the wine industry: strengthening plant materials, water resources and climate change, grape and wine quality assessment, the intelligent wine industry and new product design. ŒNOVITI International gives us the opportunity to interact with researchers and players from around the world, increasing the chances of collaboration.



Discover the different projects developed within the network


Alliance BAG
vWISE Project
Oenodoc programme

Alliance BAGThe Alliance BAG (Bordeaux/Adelaide/Geisenheim) was founded in October 2010 in partnership with the regional councils of the Land of Hesse in Germany and the Regional Council of New Aquitaine.

The main theme covers continuing education in vine and wine and technology transfer through the creation of a virtual campus bringing together the University of Bordeaux- ISVV, the AWRI -Australian Wine Research Institute- in Adelaide, and the University of Geisenheim in Germany.

This strategic partnership in international research facilitates the exchange of personnel, ideas and information between the universities and various stakeholders. Other institutes wishing to join the BAG alliance are welcome to do so.

Study topics include the aromatic components of wine, diseases and parasites, traces of yeast strains and other micro-organisms, sustainable development and climate change.

The BAG alliance aims to study global environmental issues (climate change, water scarcity) in relation to the impact of wine production. The institutes bring together top-level international expertise combined with cutting-edge technological equipment. The meetings organised by the BAG Alliance create links between the international scientific community and pave the way for a new era of innovation in vine and wine sciences.

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The v/WISE project is a RISE (MSCA H2020) - coordinated by the University of Bordeaux - which focuses on the consequences of climate change on vines, grapes and wine. It will involve the mobility of 39 researchers from the project's partner institutions in 10 European countries and outside Europe (Portugal, Italy, Spain, France, Argentina, Australia, South Africa and Chile).

En savoir +  : The VWISE project website

Diego Lijavetzky
Diego Lijavetzky (Cuyo, Argentine ) on mobility scheme in Logroño, Spain


OENODOC is an international, multi-disciplinary doctoral programme which aims to address current challenges in the oenology and viticulture sectors. It was created by a consortium of institutions recognised for their excellence in the field.

Candidates for the Oenodoc doctorate are supervised by several partners in the consortium. Industry-related projects are also encouraged.

Duration of the programme: 3 years (with the exception of theses in Chile)
Partner countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Chile and South Africa

The programme offers ideal conditions for cutting-edge research in oenology and viticulture in close collaboration with an international network of industries and researchers. It covers a wide range of subjects, including biophysical viticulture, economics and social environments, responsible viticulture, integrated production, the regulation and impact of biotechnologies, oenological practices and techniques, wine quality, nutrition and health, management, etc.

This programme includes compulsory mobility in two partner institutions during the preparation of the doctorate. Thesis topics are available from the consortium, but other research projects may be submitted for consideration by candidates.

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Louwrens THERON

Louwrens THERON, PhD student in the OENODOC programme, Universities of Stellenbosch (South Africa) and Bordeaux (France)

The OENODOC programme has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons. From a professional point of view, doing a PhD in two countries gives me the opportunity to work with different professionals in my field and opens up many new avenues of research. In addition, this programme allows me to become part of the scientific community and opens doors to future career prospects. On a personal level, OENODOC gives me the opportunity to travel and discover new cultures.


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