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At the heart of the world's leading producer of fine wines, the Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin at the University of Bordeaux is a multi-disciplinary, international centre for research, higher education and development to meet the challenges of tomorrow's wine industry.

The Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin brings together all the teams involved in research, training and technology transfer in the wine industry from a number of partners on the Bordeaux site.

A multidisciplinary, international institute

A building covering more than 10,000 m² on the INRAE site in Villenave d'Ornon is home to some of these research teams and more than 600 students.

It opened its doors in January 2009. Over 60% of the programme was funded by the Aquitaine Regional Council, as well as the European Union (ERDF), the French government, the Gironde General Council, Bordeaux Metropole, INRAE and the Bordeaux Wine Trade Council.

Today, the ISVV has the status of a special institute of the University of Bordeaux. It maintains strong links with industry players, notably the CIVB, and is developing transfer initiatives in collaboration with the Inno'Vin cluster.

Some key figures

chercheurs A community of over 250 researchers

over 600 studentss,including 60 certified œnologist and 160 intern o further education programmes every year.

over 55 internationnal partners and 1 Erasmus Mundus, WinTour master's programme

Coordinator of the international Œnoviti network

A  10 000 m2 building complete with experimental vineyard.

4 technology transfer and spin-off units

close involvement with the Project VITAE unit covering "Evolution, adaptation and governance of continental and coastal ecosytems"

Foundeur of and home to the international Œno One


The direction of ISVV

Philippe Darriet
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Deputy Director in charge of training:
Laurence Geny-Denis
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Director of Studies:
Céline Cholet Chagnaud
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Deputy Director in charge of research:
François Delmotte
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Deputy Director in charge of international relations:
Pierre Louis Teissedre
Contact by email

Deputy Director in charge of innovation and partnerships with the industry:
Stéphanie Pérès
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Administrative and financial manager:
Laurette Grall
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Deputy Administrative and Financial Manager:
Marie Bustingorry
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The ISVV Board

Made up of outside figures and elected members of the ISVV, the board meets at least 3 times a year to discuss the actions to be taken and the expenditure to be committed.


It is chaired by Nicolas Gailly, Treasurer of the Fondation pour la Culture et les Civilisations du Vin, which runs the Cité du Vin.. 

 Download: Composition of the ISVV Board




Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et Vin - 210 Chemin de Leysotte
CS50008 - 33882 Villenave d'Ornon

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